Doris and the Pennies from Heaven

Doris and the Pennies from Heaven tells us the story of Doris (Honor Blackman), a lovely retired lady whose life will take an interesting turn of events in less than 48 hours. What could possibly happen and how will these events affect her life?

The genre is a light comedy, character based, about two individuals, Doris and Danny, too stuck in their pasts to let them go in a Britain that is ceasing to exist. It’s a story about resilience in times of crisis.

Doris, a mid sixties retired old lady who is facing some mild economical strains due to the constant rise of energy bills and constant bank charges, decides to pay a visit to her local bank to see what could be done about it. Little does she know that the events that will follow will have her being paid an interesting visit by the police.

We have been granted funding by Eastern Edge Fund as a part of the prestigious Film London Scheme. Also, we have launched a crowd-funding campaign which you can visit here.

The short is scheduled to be shot on the weekend of 8th, 9th and 10th of June 2012. It will be shot on The Sony PMW-F3K with Cooke lenses.

And you’re invited to follow the shoot behind the scenes live at this blog!


Honor Blackman (The Avengers, Goldfinger) will play the main role of Doris. Bio

Robert Goodman (Gangs of New York, Joan of Arc-The Messenger) will play Danny. Bio

We are currently casting the detective, constable, bank manager and extras.


The most up-to-date crew list is:

Writer/Director: Yurena A. de Dios

Producer: Mars Garnier

First Assistant Director: Guy Murray

Production Assistant: Irene White

Production Assistant: Robin Wijnhold

Director of Photography: Bart van Tunen Watch his showreel.

First Camera Assistant: Cheryl Ford

Gaffer: Ian Stowe

Gaffer Assistant: Sean Kisch

Sound Mixer: David Sohanpal

Boom Operator: John McGuill

Runner/Continuity: María Teresa Garzón Domingo

Art Director: Mars Garnier

Set Photographer: Pepa Niebla

Music Composer: Manna Horsting

Sound Designer: Robin Pender

Make-up Artist: Gloria Peñaranda


We have found some awesome locations for both Doris’s house and the bank. We have also Danny’s car. Check them here:


We are now centered in the casting of the extras, finding props and some extra locations, and also the  casting of Doris’ cat, Mr. Udo.


We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us cover the shoot and post-production costs. It is also a great way for people to get involved in our film. We offer very varied perks so that anyone wishing to participate can do it in different ways. Check it out here. And don’t forget do share it everywhere!


Music composer Manna Horsting is inspired by Rose Murphy-Pennies from Heaven to do the music of this short film:


(c) by Polaris Film Productions, all rights reserved


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