Why crowdfunding a film?

Crowdfunding offers filmmakers another means of funding their films and people a new way of experiencing cinema. And it couldn’t be simpler: a filmmaker uploads a campaign to a crowdfunding platform and anyone, anywhere, can participate and contribute to the production of their film. There are different platforms (creative, social, business) and funding modalities, so it is possible to choose between ‘all or nothing’ or ‘keep it all’ campaigns, whichever suits the project better.

Thanks to crowdfunding, filmmakers get the funds and support they need to make their projects and audiences can feel part of the team and get especial rewards in exchange of their contribution, called perks.

A new way of interacting with cinema:

We have experienced a great change in the ways people can interact with cinema in just a few years. Before, audiences would purchase a ticket, a VHS/DVD or merchandise to enjoy films. They could comment the films with their friends and family or even write a letter to their favourite stars and filmmakers to let them know about their admiration.

Nowadays, with the spread of the internet and social media resources, people can watch a film, comment it on their social media, make custom content like wallpapers or icons and posting it on specialized websites, review films in their blogs and comment on filmmakers’ websites or social media platforms.

Crowdfunding is a new stage of this progression of taking cinema and filmmaking closer to the audiences. Now, anyone from any place and background can contribute in producing a film, dream that might have been unlikely to fulfil in other circumstances.

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Meet our crew: Pepa Niebla, Set Photographer

Pepa Niebla-Set Photographer in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven

We leave you now with Pepa Niebla, our set phhotographer in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. Know a bit more about her:

Born in Granada, Spain, Pepa’s artistic interests and aspirations have taken her into two directions: first music and then photography. She is a talented singer that mixes jazz, blues, funk and pop. Her most recent work is the jazz album Pepa Niebla & Ricky Vivar, recorded with singer and guitarist Ricky Vivar.

As a photographer she covers a wide range of genres, such as event photographer, modeling and actors’ photographer and set photographer, just to mention a few.

You can check her portfolio at: http://thefoghouseshop.photoshelter.com/portfolio

And remember to visit also our film campaign at Sponsume!

Meet our crew: David Sohanpal, Sound Mixer

David Sohanpal- Sound Mixer in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven

David Sohanpal is the sound mixer in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. Here you have a little bio:

Dave studied at the SAE Institute in London and he is an experienced sound mixer, specialized in Sound Editing and Sound Recording.

He has worked in more than 70 productions now, the most recent being The Owner (2012), Scar Tissue (2012) and Rearview (2012). Some other remarkable productions David has worked in include Indigo (2010), Pop Art (2008) and Stiletto (2008).

If you want a more detailed list of the productions he’s worked in, check his IMDb page.

And check also our project’s campaign at Sponsume!

We launched our crowdfunding campaign!

Today we launched our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our light comedy short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven, starring Honor Blackman and Robert Goodman.

All the funds raised will be destined for covering the shoot and post-production costs, such as locations’ fees, transport, material rental, catering, music rights or distribution, including festival submission fees.

We have prepared many varied perks so that anyone wanting to contribute can get involved in different ways. Some of our perks, or ‘vouchers’, include:  a digital copy of the film, a signed poster by Honor Blackman and Robert Goodman, a thank you in the final credits, the chance to hang out with the crew, or even becoming associate producer.

If you would like to interact with cinema a different way than the usual, participating in our film is for you!

You can visit it here, and don’t forget to share!

In a few hours we launch our crowdfunding campaign!

We have everything ready to launch our new crowdfunding campaign to cover the shoot and post-production costs for our short film, Doris and the Pennies from Heaven, starring Honor Blackman and Robert Goodman.

We have prepared a nice and fresh pitch and some great perks, so stay connected: we will upload it in just a few hours!

Polaris Team

First day of Paco Ortega’s music videos shoot

It has been a long day at the Musigrama studios, but certainly a productive one. We have finished shooting Paco Ortega’s music video ‘Apretaíto pero relajao‘ and we also shot some parts of ‘A mi mare‘.

Tomorrow we will shoot the rest of ‘A mi mare‘ on location in Madrid, so stay tuned for more news and pictures to come.

Polaris has landed in Spain to shoot two music videos for Paco Ortega

Part of the team of Polaris Film Productions landed yesterday in Spain to shoot two music videos for the prestigious Spanish music producer Paco Ortega, from today until the 10th of May. They are for the songs ‘Apretaíto pero relajao’ and ‘A mi mare’ from his last album ‘Baila por mi‘.

The shoot will take place in several Madrid streets and in the famous Musigrama Studios, located in Madrid, where some of the most representative voices of the musical world, both national and international, have recorded their albums. Just to mention a few, Alejandro Sanz, Julio Iglesias, Paco de Lucía, Alfredo Kraus, Take That and Stevie Wonder have recorded there.

Musigrama Studios were founded in 1973 by the four time Grammy winner Pepe Loeches and Joaquín Cobos and seven years ago Paco Ortega himself was left in charge of them. They are one of the most representative studios of Spain and still survive the crisis affecting recording studios. Besides, they can take pride in having one of the last surviving Neve Vintage mixing tables, which is, as they say, ‘the Rolls Royce of the mixing tables’.

If you want to learn more about them, visit Musigrama and Paco Ortega’s blogs (in Spanish).

A mi mare’ will portray a story of seduction, love and frustration, and ‘Apretaíto pero relajao’ will be a fresh and fun video that matches this upbeat song.

Polaris Film Productions is there, no matter your social network preferences!

Did you know that you can find us on several social networks? This way you can visit and follow us on the network of your choice to stay tuned with the most up-to-date news on our projects or just to know a bit more about us.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

See you there!

Polaris Team

Brother’s Keeper Music Video Submitted to the Young Director Award

Today we submitted the music video Brother’s Keeper to the Young Artist Award.

We made this video clip for NY based hip-hop singer Spec Boogie’s song Brother’s Keeper. It was shot in Amsterdam and also features famous Dutch actor Tygo Gernandt.

The Young Artist Award was created in 1998 to recognize beginning directors’ talent and it grants worldwide promotion and exposure.

The Award Jury is presided by François Chilot, director of the Young Artist Award, and the Commercial Film Producers of Europe. The winners’ works will be shown at the Cannes Espace Miramar in June 2012 as well as being featured in the Shots magazine and shown in the YDA YouTube Channel.

You can watch the video here at our YouTube channel.

Robert Goodman’s Biography

Robert Goodman will play Danny in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. He is a versatile actor, presenter and writer.

Here is Robert Goodman’s amazing biography.  Robert will play Danny’s role in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven.

As well as acting in films all around the globe and TV, Robert is a TV presenter, a writer, has worked as a first assistant director in the film Rapt in Eire (2009) and has written and directed his own short and feature films, applauded in several film festivals.

Robert Goodman was born in Northampton in 1955 and, after being trained as a cook at the Savoy Hotel, he decided to pursue an acting career. He studied at the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art. He is a keen follower of the Acting Method and has taken several courses on it, and still does. Besides, he writes about this expertise in several magazines and newspapers, such as the Empire Magazine.

While studying and as a young actor, Robert also worked as a magician at the Hamley’s Toy Store and as a London’s tour guide.

His acting career is a long and prolific one. He has worked with world acclaimed directors such as Charles Crichton in A Fish Named Wanda, 1988, Luc Besson in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, 1999, Martin Scorsese in Gangs of New York, 2001, and Steven Norrington in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 2002.

As a writer, he contributes to various magazines and newspapers with articles about the  acting method and technique and the paranormal or the esoteric. Besides he has worked alongside Watchmen‘s and V for Vendetta‘s graphic novelist Alan Moore in several projects.

His writing and directing credits include short films, theatre ‘One Man Shows’, the horror/comedy feature film Who Pays the Ferryman? and directing theatre plays such as Walk like a Black Man (2011).

If you want to know more about his impressive and versatile career visit his website http://www.robertgoodman.co.uk/