‘Choose your own adventure’ films


Do you remember the ‘Choose your own adventure’ books? Surely most of you have been hooked on them trying to decide if choosing the left hand door would take you out of the pyramid or to the monstrous mummy.

Tim Curry starring Clue (1985) was one of the pioneering interactive films, as it portrayed three different alternative endings; despite that, you could not really choose them, as each cinema theatre chose one randomly. You have other films that show you different versions of the same story, such as Blind Chance (1987) or Run, Lola, Run (1998), but they don’t offer the possibility to choose which one to see.

However, there has been a tendency lately to make ‘choose your own adventure’ films, like Bob Doucette (director), William H. Macy and Frankie Muniz (voices) The Snowman (2007) or Bob Gale’s Mr. Payback (1995) but unfortunately they are not widespread yet.

Do you think it is a good idea to be able to interact with a film? Would you like to have more interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ films and what kind of films (horror, adventure, romance…) would you like to watch? How do you think they could be shown on cinemas?