Post-production for Doris and the Pennies from Heaven has started!

We are very happy to announce that, after three days of shoot at Deptford and Lambeth, Doris and the Pennies from Heaven is now in post-production.

We would like to take the chance to congratulate and thank all the cast and crew who participated in the shoot for their work and dedication.

Stay tuned for more updates coming!


Casting Call: Actors interested in Work Experience to appear as extras in our short

At Polaris Film Productions ltd we need several extras for our upcoming short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. If you are interested in getting work experience as an actor/actress, as well as participating in an exciting project, then this is your chance!

We are looking for 8 individuals, male between 32-70 and female between 25-70, with some previous acting experience to appear as extras in the short in exchange of a valuable work experience. The shoot will take place the 10th of June.

We believe this work experience would be very enriching for you and also would be important for your future career, as this short film has been selected by the Eastern Edge, part of the prestigious Film London.

Besides, the short will get a lot of exposure, due to its being screened at the BFI,  Cineworld and festivals. We have a superb cast, lead by Mrs. Honor Blackman and Robert Goodman. The production value is really high as we have talented professionals who will shoot with the best equipment in great locations.

For these reasons, we think this short will constitute a great piece of your showreel.

In case you are interested, you can apply till Friday the 1st of June by sending us an email at with some information about you. We would also appreciate if you could send us a showreel or a picture of yourself.

The Polaris Team

P.S.: Not as an actor but still interested in participating in our film? You can help produce it visiting our crowd-funding campaign here, and you will get exclusive rewards for your help!

Meet the Crew: Gloria Peñaranda, Make-up Artist

We are very happy to have been recently joined by make-up artist Gloria Peñaranda for our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. Gloria has been working as a make-up artist since 2002. Her vocation was awakened when she was studying Fine Arts at La Llotja d’Arts i Oficis, in Barcelona. She studied make-up at the prestigious Stick Art Studio in Barcelona.

After working in Barcelona, she then moved to London and continued her make-up artist career there. In her own words, she ‘has got to become a spontaneous, responsible, dynamic and very dedicated make-up artist’. She is a very talented and versatile artist and has experience in different fields such as cinema, TV, fashion shows, advertising, events and weddings.

If you want to see some of her fantastic work, visit her page here.


Last Friday auditions for our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven were absolutely fantastic. We had the chance to meet 20 great and talented actors who delighted us with their amazing performances. It is going to be a tough decision! We would like to take the chance to deeply thank and congratulate them all for their work.

Besides, we have decided to send new invitations for a second round of auditions next week.

Thank you very much to all for your interest in our film.

P.S.: Not as an actor but still want to participate in our film? We have launched a crowd-funding campaign to help cover the shoot and post-production costs. If you want to contribute and get exclusive rewards for your help, then this is your chance! Visit it here.

Tomorrow we will contact the successful candidates of our casting call

We are now finishing to check all the applications we received for our casting call for our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven and tomorrow by 16:00 we will inform the successful candidates by email that they have been selected for the audition and provide them with the information of the audition times and place.

Unfortunately, due to the great number of applications we received (around 2000), we can only contact those candidates that have passed to the next stage of the selection process.

Thank you very much to all for your interest!

Polaris Team

Thank you all for your interest in our casting call!

Today at 21:00 is the deadline for the casting call we did on Casting Call Pro and the professional agency Spotlight to look for actors to appear in our upcoming short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven, starring Honor Blackman and Robert Goodman.

We received an overwhelming number of submissions (about 2000) and we are checking each candidate’s profile thoroughly.  We would like to take the chance to say that we are very grateful for all the submissions we have been sent and offered by agencies.

Polaris Team

P.S.: Not as an actor but still interested in participating in our film? If you want to help produce our film and getting exclusive rewards for your contribution, visit our crowdfunding campaign here!

Meet our crew: Pepa Niebla, Set Photographer

Pepa Niebla-Set Photographer in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven

We leave you now with Pepa Niebla, our set phhotographer in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. Know a bit more about her:

Born in Granada, Spain, Pepa’s artistic interests and aspirations have taken her into two directions: first music and then photography. She is a talented singer that mixes jazz, blues, funk and pop. Her most recent work is the jazz album Pepa Niebla & Ricky Vivar, recorded with singer and guitarist Ricky Vivar.

As a photographer she covers a wide range of genres, such as event photographer, modeling and actors’ photographer and set photographer, just to mention a few.

You can check her portfolio at:

And remember to visit also our film campaign at Sponsume!

Meet our crew: David Sohanpal, Sound Mixer

David Sohanpal- Sound Mixer in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven

David Sohanpal is the sound mixer in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. Here you have a little bio:

Dave studied at the SAE Institute in London and he is an experienced sound mixer, specialized in Sound Editing and Sound Recording.

He has worked in more than 70 productions now, the most recent being The Owner (2012), Scar Tissue (2012) and Rearview (2012). Some other remarkable productions David has worked in include Indigo (2010), Pop Art (2008) and Stiletto (2008).

If you want a more detailed list of the productions he’s worked in, check his IMDb page.

And check also our project’s campaign at Sponsume!

Robert Goodman’s Biography

Robert Goodman will play Danny in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven. He is a versatile actor, presenter and writer.

Here is Robert Goodman’s amazing biography.  Robert will play Danny’s role in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven.

As well as acting in films all around the globe and TV, Robert is a TV presenter, a writer, has worked as a first assistant director in the film Rapt in Eire (2009) and has written and directed his own short and feature films, applauded in several film festivals.

Robert Goodman was born in Northampton in 1955 and, after being trained as a cook at the Savoy Hotel, he decided to pursue an acting career. He studied at the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art. He is a keen follower of the Acting Method and has taken several courses on it, and still does. Besides, he writes about this expertise in several magazines and newspapers, such as the Empire Magazine.

While studying and as a young actor, Robert also worked as a magician at the Hamley’s Toy Store and as a London’s tour guide.

His acting career is a long and prolific one. He has worked with world acclaimed directors such as Charles Crichton in A Fish Named Wanda, 1988, Luc Besson in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, 1999, Martin Scorsese in Gangs of New York, 2001, and Steven Norrington in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 2002.

As a writer, he contributes to various magazines and newspapers with articles about the  acting method and technique and the paranormal or the esoteric. Besides he has worked alongside Watchmen‘s and V for Vendetta‘s graphic novelist Alan Moore in several projects.

His writing and directing credits include short films, theatre ‘One Man Shows’, the horror/comedy feature film Who Pays the Ferryman? and directing theatre plays such as Walk like a Black Man (2011).

If you want to know more about his impressive and versatile career visit his website

Honor Blackman’s Biography

This is Mrs. Honor Blackman’s outsanding acting career. She will star as the main character Doris Widmark in our short film Doris and the Pennies from Heaven.

Honor Blackman will star in Doris and the Pennies from Heaven as the main character, Doris Widmark, a strong-willed retired lady whose life will take an unexpected turn of events.

Honor Blackman was born in Plaistow, Newham, London. As a present for her sixteenth birthday her father gave her two options: a bicycle or elocution classes. She chose the elocution classes and thanks to them Honor discovered the world of theatre and poetry and her teacher found great talent in her. She was enrolled (as her teacher suggested) in the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

After graduating, and as it was advised to her, she auditioned for the West End play The Guinea Pig and was offered a secondary role, but when the main actress fell ill, she stepped in and took over her with great success. After that she received two main character roles in two West End plays.

Her first film appearance was a non-speaking part in Fame is the Spur, followed by Quartet and So Long at the Fair, Jason and the Argonauts, A Night to Remember and The Square Peg.

After that she starred in several television series like The Vise for the Danziger Brothers, Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents, The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, African Patrol, The Invisible Man, The Pursuers, Kraft Mystery Theatre and The Saint (opposite Roger Moore), among others.

She was appointed the new star of The Avengers, playing the role of the sexy, strong-willed and smart Dr. Cathy Gale alongside Patrick Macnee, role that projected her into fame.

After 43 episodes of The Avengers and thanks to the fame this role gave her, Honor returned to cinema starring as Pussy Galore in Guy Hamilton’s James Bond film Goldfinger (1964) alongside Sean Connery.

Honor continued to work in films, TV and stage work. Among these works are Life at the Top, Shalako, The Last Grenade, a film version of DH Lawrence’s The Virgin and the Gypsy, the horror movie Fright, Columbo, To The Devil A Daughter, Robin’s Nest, Crown Court, The Cat and The Canary, Never The Twain, Lace, Minder, and Dr Who.

In 1990 Honor was cast in The Upper Hand, ITV’s new sitcom, playing Laura West in 94 episodes for six years.

From 2000 she continued her appearances in Bridget Jones’s Diary, and popular TV shows Dr Terribles House Of Horror, New Tricks, Midsommer Murders or The Royal Coronation Street.

From 2005 to 2006 she combined film and theatre, appearing in the black comedy film, Colour Me Kubrick with John Malkovich in 2005, opening Cameron Macintosh’s My Fair Lady in Manchester and Birmingham and performing four one-woman shows nationwide, as well as starring in the West End Lyric Theatre’s play Cabaret in 2007.

Among her most recent projects we find Hotel Babylon (2009), Hotel Caledonia (2010), Reuniting the Rubins (2010) and I, Anna (2012), as well as more one-woman shows at the theatre and her single, The Star who Fell from Grace (2009).

This biography was made following the one you can find at her official website:

So, check it for more detailed information of her brilliant acting career!

Polaris Team-HQ