Hello all!

We are very happy to start this blog and share our experiences, interests and thoughts with you. We are Polaris Film Productions ltd., an international independent film production company based in London and Amsterdam since 2011.

After working in several projects as freelancers, we decided to move one step further and take our passion and dedication to films to a new stage: creating a film production company and make our own films or help others with their projects.

Among our most notable projects we produced the music video for the song Brother’s Keeper by NY artist Spec Boogie, shot in Amsterdam, and also starring dutch actor Tygo Gernandt. You can watch the full HD video here.

At the moment we are now centered in producing our first short film, a light comedy called Doris and the Pennies from Heaven, starring the wonderful British actress Honor Blackman (The Avengers, Goldfinger). She will play the main character, Doris, a lovely and strong-willed retired lady whose life will take an interesting turn of events in less than 48 hours.

We are also preparing the production of two music videos for Spanish producer Paco Ortega to be shot in Madrid in a couple of weeks.

In this blog we would like to share with you the developments of our projects, the things we like or inspire us, some tips or comments of the world of cinema, recommendations, or just any random thing we might find interesting and worth sharing.

We really hope you find our blog and our projects interesting, and we would love to hear (or read) your opinions and comments!

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Polaris Team