We have started editing Paco Ortega’s music videos

Yesterday, part of our team came back to London after spending four days in Spain shooting two music videos for famous Spanish music producer and composer Paco Ortega.

The shoot was great, both at the Musigrama Studios and on location in several streets of Madrid, and even the weather helped!

We have already started editing the footage and soon we will have ready the two music videos ‘A mi mare’ and ‘Apretaíto pero relajao’ from Paco’s new album ‘Baila por mi’.

Stay tuned for more news to come!

Besides, we are also working on our next project Doris and the Pennies from Heaven, starring Honor Blackman and Robert Goodman and in our crowdfunding campaign to help us cover the shoot and post-production costs, so don’t forget to visit and share!